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bottomof2Lorna MacLachlan has been at it again; writing and arranging. She has been writing all of her life and, as her friends and family would say, she has been performing all of her life, as well. Lorna works with an amazing group of talented musicians who help bring her ideas to life and express, in their unique ways, the sentiment behind the notes. Each of their “voices” is essential to the whole picture and the music is written with them in mind.

The Lorna MacLachlan Quintet has been together for almost 20 years and recorded 5 full length “albums” of original music. The most recent “Feet on Ground” was launched in April of 2015 and was very well received. The performances by Lorna, Robin Tufts, Stefano Valdo and Richard Harding are outstanding and the writing is a poignant and powerful.

Lorna has performed with the Quintet and as a soloist many times over the past year but, as always, the writing takes precedence and, when there is an opportunity to find time, she writes and arranges. Currently, Lorna is working on the next CD which is scheduled for a 2018 release. Several new works will be “rolled out” as they happen so come out and listen for yourself at the next concert. See Shows for locations and dates.

"Lorna is one of those rare artists who can write beautifully, play beautifully, and sing beautifully. She does everything with great care and musicality and her music draws you in like a best friend. From the strong writing and arranging in her instrumental tracks to the engaging tone and lyrics in her vocal pieces, it's music that pleases a listener with a penchant for beautifullycrafted compositions and strongly musicalperformances." - Michelle Grégoire

"Lorna Maclachlan possesses an extraordinary passion for personal and artistic development..." - David Braid